Controls Throat Congestion

Arrest Bad Breath

Prevents HB

Promotes Digestion

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The principle of Siddha suggests healthier stomach to a healthier age. Conversely, our behaviours and unhealthy stomach brings severe diseases to our body. Thus to remain fit and healthy, it is necessary for a person to keep his stomach health and fit. Remedial course of Siddha has direct impact on the root caused by any disease hence this practice is considered as one of the most effective way to any type of illness.

"Prevention is better than cure"

Nowadays, heart burn is commonly seen in adults and indicates the preliminary stage of ulcer. If necessary steps are not taken initially, then ulcer might get severe and leads to cell damage in intestine. Apart from heart burn, bad breath from mouth happens even your teeth is properly maintained. In order to prevent these health consequences in initial stage, our product can be helpful. Hence, prevention is better than cure!

Artificial Antacids

Nowadays commercially lot of antacids are available in market which arrest within few minutes. But it will not cure. Lifelong we have to regularly use Magnesium tri silicate, hydroxides or carbonates. The above chemicals are used for temporary relief only not permanent relief and they have more side effects in the above chemicals. It may lead to constipation or loose motion, mouth dryness, eye sight problems. It also controls the acid and pepsin secretion. So we have to prevent from the above problems. In our Jeeran, carbonate sodium active constituent compound in form, a layer over the ulcer and prevent from further cell damage.